Couples Counseling

Loving and connected relationships are necessary for optimum well-being. We all strive for connection and closeness in our relationships, yet we can get off track at times. I am committed to helping couples get on track and stay on track to a loving and fulfilling relationship.

One of the benefits of all relationships is that taking a closer look at your relationships, and how you experience them, gives you information about yourself. In fact, you gain access to some of the most useful information you can get for your own personal growth and development. With this in mind, I help couples grow both as partners and as individuals. Relationships that make room for the growth and development of each individual are the most rewarding and satisfying.

I am certified in both the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Both models emphasize the importance of the attachment bond and use neuroscience and key emotions to change old patterns in the relationship. EFT specifically looks at the negative conflict cycles that couples become trapped in, including the behaviors and emotions that are involved, and helps lead them out of this cycle. Couples then learn new ways of resolving conflict, restructuring their attachment bond so that it is a secure base for each person.

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